About Us:

The origin of our name Tambula comes from the Oshiwambo word for ‘take’. It is the root of our ethos, focused on providing you with the opportunity to take a piece of what our local Namibian artisans have to offer.

Our online marketplace is a central hub for Namibia’s informal market. Connecting you to a collection of artisans from across Namibia and empowering them to sell their products directly to you. We believe that buying from small businesses, artists and craft-makers is an integral way of supporting the local creative economy and the communities around you—no matter how far away.

Tambula is a journey of discovery. A journey beyond the impressive landscapes and sights to a place where you will find artisanal goods reflecting the hard work, passion and knowledge of local crafters.

A place where artisans can share pockets of Namibia’s rich culture and eye for innovation through their products.

Why Us?

Our mission is to give local artisans within our informal market a platform to showcase their craft and innovations, while delivering a seamless shopping experience. We aim to enable local artisans and crafts-makers by introducing their products to the open market.