Hendricks Gin 750ml


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This unconventionally modern spirit from Scotland is produced in small batches by combining spirits made in 2 rare and unusual stills: the Bennet and the Carter-Head. Its non-juniper-forward botanical signature recipe is joined by a unique infusion of rose petal and cucumber essences, rending a fresh, smooth and subtle gin. It won a Silver medal in 2016 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Using a botanical recipe of flowers, roots, fruits and seeds from around the world, this gin (one of the only ones produced in Scotland) is crafted in “miniscule” batches of four-hundred and fifty liters using two different styles of rare stills. The Bennet still allows most of the flavors of the botanicals to shine through, while the Carter-Head still renders lightly sweet and floral notes. Paramount to the gin’s signature recipe is the addition of cucumber essence and rose essence after distillation, which leads to a spirit with fresh, smooth and subtle aromas and flavors. The producer recommends garnishing cocktails made with Hendrick’s with a slice of cucumber, rather than olive, lemon or lime, to coax out its cucumber notes.

“The best gin in the world.”

The Wall Street Journal