About us

Tambula Online Mall
For your convenience, Tambula.

The concept of an online shopping is a global trend that has made it much easier for access to retail and services all over the world.

Tambula – the oshiwambo word for take – is an online mall that brings the global trend of online shopping, right to your doorstep, where convenience, quality and excellent service delivery is the core of our business, for your virtual shopping experience.

The virtual shopping experience is provided in easy steps: signing up to the website, selecting items, making payment and receiving the items when delivered at your doorstep.

So why Tambula online mall?
Tambula virtual mall enters the e-commerce sector to allow you the ease of having a one-stop-shop for any and every retail or service need you may have.

Tambula aims to save you the time and trouble of having to visit multiple sites for the different items and services you may need.

Look at it this way, where you would find all retailers and services under one roof – Tambula now gives it to you on one site.

Again, convenience is not only the centre of our business model, but also forms part of every developing pillar.

The proudly Namibian online shopping concept allows you to visit a single website where you can find any and every product in one place. Every item is one click from the next, into your shopping cart and delivered to your doorstep.

From household goods, beverages, clothing to gadgets and electronics, all of this is made available with each click.

Apart from creating a one-stop-shop shop, Tambula takes it further to deliver your shopping at your doorstep.

Payment options are also made easier as Tambula ensures all payment methods are made available to you.

Virtual shopping is no longer the distant future, but rather the reality, it is the now and Tambula is here to ensure that our customers are only concerned with selecting and paying.

At Tambula we understand that we are in a digitized aged and that our operation should always answer the question of convenience for our customers. Convenience, quality and excellent service delivery.
Our underlying objective, again being, providing a one-stop shopping experience, with access to a collection of various products belonging to different vendors, brands or categories.
Tambula Standard Terms And Conditions henceforth referred to as “Standard Terms And Conditions” shall govern your use of this website, including all pages within this website (collectively referred to herein below as this “Website”).

These terms apply fully and effect to your use of this Website. By using this website, you expressly accept all terms and conditions contained herein in full.

Should you have any objection to the standard terms and conditions, seek clarity with the owner before use.
The use of the Tambula website by minors (<18 years) should be done under supervision of a guardian as some of the items may have age restrictions.